• Said Belkasmi

    Said Belkasmi

    Detail-oriented computer engineer with 5+ years of expertise working with embedded systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation technologies

  • Teodor Giscan

    Teodor Giscan

  • Adultcreator


    Adultcreator.co is a website that helps creators make money. Join us at https://www.adultcreator.co, a website for creators to get better with content marketing

  • Mehal Rashid

    Mehal Rashid

    I’m Mehal, a freelance writer who professionally writes about marketing and business. Here on medium, I pen down whatever I deem should be heard.

  • Bongyan finance limited

    Bongyan finance limited

    Our bank іnѕtrumеntѕ аrе issued bу рrіmе bаnkѕ such as HSBC Hong Kong оr, Barclays Bаnk Hong Kong, Citibank New York or Hong Kong, Stаndаrd Chartered bank Hоng

  • Sukriti Sharma

    Sukriti Sharma

    Trained as a dentist, intrigued by interaction behaviour of everything under sun, currently learning UX design

  • Backjames


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